Welcome to the Guest House Rider's inn IBUSUKI !

This is a hostel, located in Kagoshima,Satsuma Peninsula southern tip Ibusuki.

The Ibusuki, there is only natural sand steamed hot spring in the world. Sand is washed with high tide represents the washed sand appearance at low tide, it is a natural sand steamed hot spring using the purification of exactly natural.

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This region, called the Nansatsu district, including Ibusuki, not only sand steamed hot spring, you are very blessed with a wide variety of hot springs and other tourism resources.

We will look forward to seeing you.


Check In / Check Out

Check-In 15:00~21:00
Check-Out ~10:00

* It is possible to deposit your luggage,even before check in,after check out (Valuables are excluded) .
* Check-in time , please contact us beforehand .
* Check-in after 21:00 is impossible. Please be sure to check in before 21:00.


Please pay in cash at the time of check-in.(*Sorry, the credit card is not available.


There is no security box and deposit system. Please manage your valuables such as cash,wallet,mobile phone,passport etc by yourself.


24 : 00 .
The manager closes the entrance at 24 : 00.

Therefore guests must return to the hostel before 24: 00.

Lights-out time

Domitory Room 22:00
Private Room Not specified
Living Room 24:00

※Basically,the living room,24:00 off. You can use the living room remains lit if you want to use continue.
However, we hope other guests you so as not to inconvenience of accommodation who are sleeping in the room.


Reservations are not required. Accommodation without reservation is also possible.
However, consecutive holidays, weekends it is recommended that you make a reservation.

Accommodable age limit

This is the hostel (guest house), so there are many shared parts with other guests.
Children's accommodation can't be done in order to have everyone comfortable.

I am very sorry, it is impossible for children under the age of 12 stay.
Accommodable age is 13 years old and over.

Thank you for your understanding.

Cancellation Policy

The day 100%
The day before 100%
3 days before 50%
5 days before The consecutive holidays、National Holidays 50%

Room type & Price

Max personnel of this hostel is 16 people, only dormitory-style. Bed is a bunk bed all.


1) Male Domitory ( Bunk Bed × 3 = 6 persons) ¥2500 / person (Until Sep 30, 2019)
¥3000 / person (From Oct 1, 2019)
2) Mixed Domitory (Bunk Bed × 3 = 6 persons) ¥2500 / person (Until Sep 30, 2019)
¥3000 / person (From Oct 1, 2019)
3) Private Room ( Bunk Bed × 2 = 4 persons) ¥9000 / one night (Until Sep 30, 2019)
¥10000 / one night (From Oct 1, 2019)

* Each bed is equipped with curtains and reading lamps.
* Male Domitory and Mixed domitory,These are just the place to sleep. If you want to eat food and drink, please go to the living room shared space.
* When staying Domitory Room of 1),2) it will be ¥2000 / person from the second night onwards.
*3) Charges for Private Room rates are as follows.
· For consecutive nights : ¥8000 / night (Until Sep 30 , 2019)
In the case of consecutive nights , it will be ¥8000 from the second night onwards.
·For consecutive nights : ¥9000 / night (After Oct 1 , 2019)
In the case of consecutive nights , it will be ¥9000 from the second night onwards.
* Living room, kitchen, bath, restroom is a shared space. We have established a personal computer for guests and TV in the living room.


  • Room are all non smoking. You can smoke at the location of the outdoor ashtray(every floor).
  • It is possible to do reading at Male Domitory and Mixed Domitory,but Conversation and eating,drinking is strictly prohibited.


Guest House Rider's inn IBUSUKI
TEL/FAX:0993-37-5012 管理人にメール

Male Domitory

Bunk Bed × 3 = 6 persons(max)


Mixed Domitory

Bunk Bed × 3 = 6 persons(max)

This room will be given priority to female.

For men only reservations please select male dormitory.
If male dormitory is full, you can also choose mixed dormitory.

It is possible to use it with a couple of men and women.

Men and women mixing Domitory( Mix Domitory ) Men and women mixing Domitory( Mix Domitory )

Private Room

Bunk Bed × 2 = 4(max)
Available in 1-4 persons.
Private room is the room rate. The rate of private room is the same whether you stay for one or four people.Therefore, use by one person becomes expensive. We recommend that you use in groups of up to 4 people.

Eating and drinking and conversation are possible in this room.This room has a desk and a TV. However, please be careful not to disturb the conversation after 24:00 and the TV volume to other guests.

Rental Room Rental Room



Covered Parking

We have the Coverd Parking.You don't have to worry about your precious motorcycle and bicycle get wet in the rain.

* If comming by cars,motorcycles or bicycles, please be sure at the time of booking contact.

Shared space

  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Refrigerator
  • Bathroom
  • Restroom
  • Smoking Area(1F,2F)

Another facilities

  • TV
  • PC(Windows10)
  • WiFi
  • Books


Address Information

Guest House Rider's inn IBUSUKI
TEL/FAX:0993-37-5012 管理人にメール


* From Kyusyu-Expressway via Prefectural road route 219/Route 226 Kagoshima IC by car.
 ---It takes about 60 minutes.

* From Kyusyu-Expressway / Ibusuki-skyline Ei IC via prefectual road route17 by car.
 ---It takes about 20 minutes.

* From Kagoshima Airport by Airport bus
 ---First get on an airport bus at Kagoshima Airport and get off at Ibusuki Station.

* From JR Kagoshima-Chuo Station to Ibusuki Station by JR ibusuki makurazaki line
---First get on the train to Ibusuki makurazaki line bound for makurazaki at Kagoshima-Chuo Station and get off at Ibusuki Station. It takes about 80 minutes.

---From JR Ibusuki station,It takes about 20 minutes on foot, about 10 minutes by bus,about 5 minutes by taxi
Get on at "Ibusuki-eki-mae",then get off at "Yu-no-hama"(one-way fare : adult \140 )
From "Yu-no-hama" bus stop,it takes about 20 seconds.


How to book

You can make a reservation by email.

* TEL/FAX:0993-37-5012(country code +81)

* mail to owner

The necessary information to book

Please give us the following information.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Date of check-in
  • Date of check-out
  • Number of people ( breakdown of male and female )
  • Room type
  • Your check-in time ( between 15:00~21:00 )
  • Request or question

* Please make full payment in Japanese Yen at reception when you check in.

* The booking situation is always changing.

* Please contact us by email before you come to the Guest House Rider's inn IBUSUKI.

Reservation Calendar

Explanation of Terms

MD Male Domitory Room
MixD Mixed Domitory Room
RentalR Private Room

*The calendar legend display is as follows.

①The number next the domitory room represents the number of beds remaining.

   (It can't be booked on the date of display ✕. )

②Private room : You can't book a private room on the date of display ✕.

There is no reservation at all on the calendar's white days.

* Please understand the booking situation is always changing.